Pitfall II - Used C64 Tape (Activision)

Creator:                Tim Shotter, David Crane
Musician:              Tim Shotter 
Genre:                  Platformer (Multi Screen) 
Players:                Single player 
Mag Review:        Zzap!64 - 60% (issue 26)
The arcade adventure is very big and probably uses 100+ screens, and has the player climbing up and down ladders, falling through holes and even swimming in the water to get to the other side. Also the player can float upwards if holding a balloon.There are various baddies which the player has to watch out for as well. Those of which are scorpions, bats, rats, electric eels and also jumping frogs. If the player touched any of those creatures (except for the rats that just push you out the way), the player will lose points and start at the nearest safety point (marked with a red cross).  (C64-Wiki)

Tape condition:
Tape is used but in a good condition.


Game is load and playable from both sides.


Tape is fitted in a brown case with normal signs of usage.

Pitfall II - Used C64 Tape (Activision)
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