PHASE OUT v2.0 LPE  [Maker Licenses]

Phase Out v2.0 LPE [Maker Licenses for  Devices]


Do you work on your own game console or a RetroPie handheld? Do you build a RaspberryPi based game device and you think about pre installed games for your future customers?


Without any doubt, the using of game ROMs without the bought original game and the distribution of ROMs is prohibited and also morally unacceptable. So legalize your game project and use the possibility to buy game licenses of the great Commodore 64 puzzle game PHASE OUT LPE as pre installed game for your upcoming game devices.


PHASE OUT v2.0 LPE [Maker Licenses for Devices]
  • Small Production Volume - each License 0,49 €
  • Med. Production Volume - each License 0,39 €
  • Large Production Volume - each License 0,29 €
2,45 €
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Once you have paid for this item via PAYPAL you will receive an email with the password-protected ZIP archive** that contains the manual, code sheet and the disk image (D64) of the complete game. With this email we send you the bought count of maker licenses. Each license must be stored as a text file in the same directory of the game disk image (D64) on the different game devices.

Every single maker license is referenced to one game device and will be saved in our customer database. It is not allowed to run PHASE OUT LPE on different upcoming maker devices with no or one same license. It is also not allowed to duplicate licenses or expand manually the bought license number range.

If you need less than 5 licenses please contact us via email on this webshop.

Important information:


* Also plays on NTSC devices!

**  Older versions of Windows are NOT able to unpack protected ZIP archives. Seperate tools must be used.

*** In accordance with small business status (Kleinunternehmerstatus) exception of §19 of the German Value Added Tax Law, we do not collect or display VAT.