PHASE OUT v2.0 LPE (PAL*) [Disk Package]

Phase Out v2.0 LPE [Disk Package]


The story of PHASE OUT continues - in form of 45 (of total 50) brand new mind-blowing game levels on a physical disk package for your Commodore 64 - to rescue your own existence...


The goal of the game is to clear each level by swapping the position of the coloured gems in 'match-2-or-more' style. Game elements like black gems which can't be cleared and not movable wall bricks make this game to a great challenging puzzle game - and you'd better not run out of time!

Phase Out v2.0 LPE [Disk Package]
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Phase Out Ingame
Phase Out Ingame

Disk Package Features:


- Game with 45 (of 50) brand new game

  levels designed by Roy Fielding on a

  physical disk
- Instruction manual and disk placed in a 

  classic plastic disk wallet with great cover

  art by Steve Day

- Game prepared for future level packs 
- Final Cartridge III Fast-Loader compatible! 



BONUS: Disk contains the original PHASE OUT level pack from 2014 (v1.0 to v1.4) which can be loaded and played after the successful mission.


Important information:


* Also plays on NTSC devices

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