PHASE OUT v2.0 LPE (PAL*) [D64 Download]

Phase Out v2.0 LPE [D64 Download]


The story of PHASE OUT continues - in form of 45 (of total 50) brand new mind-blowing game levels as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD for your Commodore 64 or PC (e.g. Vice64) - to rescue your own existence...


The goal of the game is to clear each level by swapping the position of the coloured gems in 'match-2-or-more' style. Game elements like black gems which can't be cleared and not movable wall bricks make this game to a great challenging puzzle game - and you'd better not run out of time!

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Phase Out Ingame
Phase Out Ingame

Game Features:


- Game with 45 (of 50) brand new game

  levels designed by Roy Fielding

- Colorful title and ingame graphics

- Superb title and ingame music

- Optional ingame sound effects

- Easy to use level password system

- RUN/STOP key to abandon ingame

- "<-" (Back arrow) key to repeat level

- Game prepared for future level packs


BONUS: Disk image contains the original PHASE OUT level pack from 2014 (v1.0 to v1.4) which can be loaded and played after the successful mission.


Phase Out Inagme
Phase Out Ingame

Once you have paid for this item via PAYPAL you will receive an email with the password-protected ZIP archive** that contains the manual, code sheet and the disk image (D64) of the complete game. This .D64 file can be used into a C64 emulator like VICE64 / CCS64 or on a 1541u / IDE64 (or similar devices) directly on your Commodore 64.

Phase Out v1.4 Trailer from 2014

Free 10-Level Demo Version PHASE OUT v1.4 (16k/PAL*)

ZIP package contains PRG file of the game.

Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 14.0 KB


Important information:


* Also plays on NTSC devices!

**  Older versions of Windows are NOT able to unpack protected ZIP archives. Seperate tools must be used.

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